It's time to treat acne from the inside out! #MAKEUPWITHACNE

Acne affects 85% of Australians
aged 15-24 years1, often
more deeply than you might think.
Eau Thermale Avène has come up
with a complete solution to help us
win that battle and make up with acne!


"It’s not just your skin,
acne really does affect you inside
and out. Cleanance Expert
gives you that little bit of
coverage to make you feel
confident and it’s also going
to treat your acne at the
same time."

Active ingredients
specifically suited
for oily to
acne-prone skin:

Treat blemishes and blackheads and give skin a healthy glow. Quickly absorbed, the creamy light texture melts into the skin for a velvety soft, breathable finish. The natural tint suits most skin complexions, while tiny sebum absorbing micro-sponges help to keep the skin shine-free for a matte finish.

Complex of active ingredients specifically suited for oily to acne-prone skin:

Diolényl® limits the risk of bacterial proliferation, reduces redness, encourages disappearance of spots X-PressinTM reduction of blackheads, smoothes skin’s texture.

Monolaurin regulates hyper production of sebum.

Avène Thermal Spring Water has soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Cleanance Expert Tinted emulsion

Suitable for mild to
moderate acne.

Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic,
paraben free.

Can be used alone or in combination
with medical treatments (except Isotretinoin).

Healthy-glow effect, even-looking & instant
long-lasting radiant complexion for up to 6 hours1
  • 95%
    high tolerance when
    used in combination
    with medicinal treatments2
  • 98.2%
    overall improvement in
    acne lesions as observed
    by the dermatologist2
1. Monocenter, randomized, double-blind study on 21 patients
2. International observational study – FACE study. Study conducted in 11 countries on 3,690 patients (Patients on isotretinoin excluded)

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